got2b glued: Blasting Freeze Spray (2 oz.)


got2b glued Blasting Freeze Spray increases the hold of a lace wig when paired with either got2b ultra glued Invincible Styling Gel or got2b glued styling Spiking Glue

Though this technically isn’t a wig glue, it’s most wig wearers tried-and-true product for securing lace wigs.

The tackiness of this hairspray makes it the perfect solution for short-term wig security. Also, because it isn’t a true glue, it’s beginner-friendly—if you didn’t glue down your wig correctly the first time around, you could adjust your wig without the glue compromising the lace material.

Another great thing about using this spray as a wig glue is it dissolves when sprayed with water, allowing you to remove your wig easily.

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