The Different Grades of Human Hair

Just a little education on human hair…

In the human hair industry, human hair extensions are graded from 4a-10a with 10a being the highest grade and lasting up to 2 years.

4a-5a is a basic packaged beauty supply store hair. It is human, but it’s collected from many donors or what is sometimes called “scrap hair” that has the cuticles area stripped off. Typically, it will become very dry and brittle within 2-3 weeks and be very tangly.

6a is what you see on most popular hair sites. This is human hair and the cuticles have not been stripped off. It can be dyed or permed and curls well. It is collected from several donors and cuticles run in different directions which means it will become tangled from friction of the cuticles rubbing together in about 3-4 months. The bundles will also contain many short hairs and the bundle will look fuller at the root and very thin at the ends. Mandy’s does not stock or sell 6a hair.

7a grade hair also contains cuticles and can be dyed and permed and curls well. The hair is collected from only a couple donors, the cuticles are in same direction, and bundle contains fewer short hairs, so the bundle is fuller than 6a. This hair last about 6 months.

8a is very soft and curls very well. It contains in-line cuticles collected from 1 donor. It also can be bleached, permed, and dyed but can bleach to color #613 (bleach blonde) and contains fewer short hairs than 7a. It will last up to 18 months with proper care. In my opinion, this hair is the best choice for African American women. The texture is more of a match to our hair when it is relaxed and flat ironed.

Finally, 10a grade hair is the highest quality hair you can find. It has the same qualities as 8a it has even fewer short hairs. The bundle is very full from root to tip. This hair is very silky but heavy. Strands are thicker. This hair will bleach to #613 (blonde) color without being damaged. 10a grade hair will last up to 3 years with proper care. Many celebrities use this hair.

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