About Mandy

Amanda Woody moved to Tulsa in 2001. She is the wife of Army retired Da’Juan Woody SR and the mother of two beautiful daughters, Camri and Candace Woody. Amanda was school-trained and certified as a nail technician. She graduated from Aladdin Beauty School in El Paso, Texas in 2000. As a nail tech, Amanda knew she wanted to do more to help people, so she shifted gears and again attended college to be a surgical technologist. She graduated with honors and got her certification to practice for a prominent orthopedic surgeon in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a surgical first assist from 2005 through 2014.

Later she made her mark in medical sales as a sales rep from 2014 to 2016. After that, Amanda had a moment of clarity and sought ownership in a community by owning a business that can both make history and lives better through service. Mandy’s Beauty Supply was her creation and the best fit in her quest to initialize a movement in the community.

Mandy’s Beauty Supply is recognized as the first full-scaled locally and state-wide black-owned and operated store in Oklahoma – owned and managed by Amanda Woody (AKA Mandy), a native of Houston Texas.

We, at Mandy’s Beauty Supply, offer our customers not only outstanding products but exquisite customer service – unlike some of our competitors who make customers feel as if they are just a means to their financial fortune and usher them out the door after a purchase. Mandy’s Beauty Supply is looking forward to rehabilitating and restoring the broken link between beauty supply stores and customers.

Mandy’s Beauty Supply is also proud to support Black-Owned Beauty Supply Association